The Complete Salt Water Pool Solution

The engineers at Magen have spent the last 4 years developing the best saltwater system on the market.  The E-Series improves on a number of areas where other systems fall short.

  • Retrofit drop-in replacement for most existing salt system
    • Hayward, Jandy, Pentair
  • All in one.  No mounting the power supply and running multiple wires all over the pool pad.
  • Simple easy to use interface.
  • Made to work with variable speed pumps
  • Bi-directional flow switch
  • Dual salt sensors

Save Time

All in one power supply and cell saves time on installation and maintenance.  No additional wall mounts or wires.

Switch Mode Power

The E-Series comes with a digital switch mode power supply allowing to to be wired to a 110v GFCI or to a 220v connection.

Save Money

Natural chlorine is generated on the spot in the pool for the best water without transporting and storing chemicals.


  • Simplest installation in the market
  • Designed to work with variable speed pumps
  • Bi-directional flow sensor
  • Double”low flow” protection
  • Full range power 110-220 Vac
  • Dual salt sensors
  • Replaceable electrolysis cartridge
  • Easy cell cleaning
  • Compact design means fewer wires and no mounting a power supply

Control Options

  • 24 hour super chlorination mode
  • Service and maintenance alerts
  • Easy 4 button operation
  • Cell life indicator
  • Automatic cell cleaning alert

The Resilience E-Series


The Resilience is the easiest salt system available to operate, install and maintain.  Its unique bi-directional flow switch, temperature sensor and salt ppm sensor work together to protect the salt cell and extend the life of the system.  No other salt system does this; giving the Resilience E-Series one of the longest last salt cell.

If you are interested in the Resilience or have installation questions.

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Easy Installation

Changing The Cell

Cleaning The Cell


A frequent question pool owners ask is “why does my pool taste salty?” The salty taste can come from many different factors in your pool water; usually from adding too much salt. 

Saltwater pools use a generator, like the E-Series, to convert salt to chlorine.  For this to happen, the chlorine generator requires a minimum amount of salt in the water.  The salt levels required by salt systems are less than what is in a human tea. When salt levels are in the normal range for the chlorine generator it is hard to taste the salt in the water.  You will only ever taste heavy salt when there is too much salt in the water.

Be careful when adding salt to the pool. Salt is a dissolved solid and the only way to reduce salt in the water is to drain and dilute the pool water.  After adding salt its a good idea to brush the salt around and wait 24-48 hours for the salt to fully dissolve before testing and adding more.  This pool salt calculator by the Pool Chemical Calculator can help figure out how much salt to add to keep your water in range.

Low salt can be a big problem and a salt system that can’t detect low salt can be an even bigger problem that can cost big bucks.  The number one cause of most common salt system cell failure is operating the system in water below the minimum salt levels.  The E-Series is different from other systems because it uses a dual salt sensor to protect the cell from out of balance water. The result is a system that that last longer and cost less to maintain.

Even if you maintain the perfect salt levels; all salt cells must be replaced at some point.  When the E-series cell does need to be replaced, its unique replaceable cartridge cell is easy to replace and less expensive than other brands.   The E-Series only requires between 3500-4500ppm of salt in the water.