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Are you using only chlorine only?

Pools using chlorine to sanitize can also have a salty taste. The liquid chlorine you purchase at your local pool store is produced with salt through electrolysis. So, it will leave a salt content in your pool water.

Your pool water will have a range from 200 to 1500 ppm of salt. This level of salt content can give the water a slightly salty taste when swimming.

Also, another factor that could cause salinity taste in the water could be the increase of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). It is the total number of minerals, salts, metals and more that has dissolved in the water. If you taste salty water and the water is not as sparkly, then you need to check your TDS level.

When your TDS levels are higher than they should be, it affects your water and can cause that salty taste. If you are using salt in your water for a salt chlorine generator, then you will need to subtract your salt level from the TDS level to get the actual TDS amount. Salt is considered a TDS.