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The Misconception of a Salt Water Pool

Salt water pools have become all the rage with pool owners. But with salt water pools there are many people confused and have the misconception on what it means to have a salt water pool.

One of the main misconceptions about salt water pools is they are no longer a chlorine pool. But that is not the case. Even though a pool is a salt water pool, it still uses chlorine to keep the water clean and safe for swimming. The salt used in the water does not replace the chlorine, it is used to make the natural form of chlorine.

How does it work for a salt water pool? The natural form of salt is sodium chloride. When water passes through the salt chlorine generator cell, the cell applies the process of electrolysis to the sodium chloride. Once that happens, it takes the sodium away and leaves the chloride in a gas form, which in fact is chlorine. So yes, salt water pools are using chlorine to protect the water.

Another misconception pool owners have about salt water pools is the cost that goes into the installation and operations of a salt system. First, you have to get the system and install the system.  To install the system, you need to know about electrical and plumbing. If not, you will need to use a professional to install the system.

Salt Generator Cells will need replacement after a while. The cell blades are disposable items and wear down over time. Once they are worn down, the cell blades are no good, and you need a cell replacement.

salt water pool cell covered in calcium build up

salt water pool cell covered in calcium build up

And many pool owners believe having a salt system means less expense for chemicals than a traditional chlorine pool. And salt only is needed to add to the water.  Yes, salt is less expensive than chlorine. And no you will need more chemicals in the water than just salt.

Maintaining water chemical balance is just as crucial in a chlorine pool as it is in a salt water pool, for example, pH, Total Alkalinity, Stabilizer, and Calcium Hardness.  If your levels are off, your salt generator will not be able to produce chlorine. Also, salt water pools need to keep a balance of phosphate and nitrate levels in the water. If those levels are too high, the system will not be able to produce chlorine.

For an actual chlorine free pool, there are systems out on the market that does not use chlorine or produce chlorine. If you are looking for a chlorine free pool that you do not have to do much work with, an exceptional system for an inground and above ground pools is Oxygen Pool.

Oxygen Pools – Chlorine Free Pool Water Treatment

Oxygen Pool systems inject ozone into the water continuously. This will provide the water with a residual oxidizer level to keep the water free from containments and crystal clear to swim. Since the Dynamic Oxygen Generator injects ozone at high speed, it produces a concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the water.

Your water maintenance is just adding the ozone formula daily to keep the water clean, clear, and safe. And your pool will be a chlorine free pool. No more harsh chemicals like chlorine and stabilizer in the water.

Oxygen Pools Generator

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